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Dup Supply And Confidence Agreement

From a technical point of view, the two sides could agree to maintain the agreement. It is possible that the appeal will be launched until the next parliamentary elections. It is simply an agreement for the second party to build “confidence” in the Prime Minister by “giving” them votes on important legislation. Because they are not with the Conservatives. On the contrary, the two sides negotiated the confidence and supply agreement. In exchange for support in major votes on Brexit, security and budgets, the DUP received money for Northern Ireland and the Prime Minister`s ear. Downing Street later issued a statement stating that an agreement had been reached in principle between the Conservatives and the DUP. [23] A few hours later, in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 11, the statement was withdrawn when, according to Sky News, it was “exposed by mistake” and discussions between the Conservative Party and the DUP were still ongoing. [24] Williamson had outlined an agreement that would give “security and stability” to the government, but the DUP refused to complete – and simply stated that the discussions were “positive”. [25] On June 12, it was proposed that the Queen`s Speech, which was to set the government`s legislative agenda on June 19, could be postponed to give the DUP and the Conservatives more time to negotiate. [26] It has been reported that the ongoing dialogue could have delayed the start of Brexit negotiations with the EU, which were also due to start on 19 June. [27] On the afternoon of 13 June, DUP President Arlene Foster, who had travelled to London to negotiate with May, said that the discussions had gone well and that there were “no outstanding issues” between the two parties. [28] Following the meeting, Sky News journalists David Blevins and Connor Sephton indicated that Foster had not returned to Belfast as planned[29] but that he chose to remain in London to continue discussions[29] and that a DUP source confirmed that an agreement would be reached “within the next 24 hours”.

[29] On the same day, the British Parliament met again. [30] However, on 14 June, DUP sources stated that no agreement would be announced that day because it was considered “inappropriate” while the events related to the Grenfell Tower fire, which had begun in the early hours of the morning, were still developing. [31] The DUP issued a statement saying that the agreement had already been 95 per cent concluded, downplaying speculation that the announcement could be postponed for another week. [32] On 15 June, the new Speaker of the Conservatives in the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, announced that the date of the Queen`s Speech had been set for 21 June (two days later than originally planned) and that the speech would continue whether or not the agreement was reached with the DUP; [33] Brexit talks also began on the scheduled date of 19 June. [34] In line with our common objectives of strengthening and strengthening the Union, security, prosperity and exit from the European Union which benefits all parts of the United Kingdom, this letter sets out how the confidence and delivery agreement between the Conservative Party and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) will contribute to the establishment of a stable government in the national interest of the United Kingdom for the duration of this Parliament.

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