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Grant Agreement Life 2016

The consortium offers a balanced mix of skills needed to set up DANUBIUS-RI, both in the scientific, administrative and geography fields. All of Node and Supersite`s major institutions and accommodations are represented, with each institution having proven excellence in its field being an important institution of research and innovation. The DANUBIUS-PP consortium builds on the success of FP7 DANCERS as well as some of the existing integration initiatives (z.B. Hydralab) and on the project review work on ROADMAP ESFRI 2016. Download: National endowments for the 2016 Environment Under-Program (approximately 40 KB) (2) have sustainable, transparent and verifiable data services for each stage of the data lifecycle, in accordance with FAIR principles. For more information on all the features of the 2017 call for applications, including instructions, links to application files and links to national contact points, visit the 2017 call page on THE LIFE website. For the Environment sub-program, the call includes action grants for “traditional” projects, preparatory projects, integrated projects and technical assistance projects. For the climate action sub-programme, this call includes action grants for “traditional projects,” integrated projects and technical assistance projects. The DANUBIUS-PP consortium is made up of 30 partners from 16 countries and representatives from 2 ERICS (ICOS – EMSO). Partners include universities, research institutes and specialized government agencies such as the Romanian Executive Research Program Management Unit (UEFISCDI) and RoEduNet (responsible for the national e-infrastructure network). The consortium is made up of a representative from one of the main stakeholder categories, the Port Authority of Seville, and the Academies of Sciences of Bulgaria and Moldova. The inclusion in the ICOS and EMSO ERICs consortium should enable DANUBIUS-PP to integrate the future IR into the landscape of europe`s major research infrastructures. The consortium also includes a specialist SME that supports the financing of major research infrastructure through the Structural Funds (EUROPPORTUNITIES).

The partners come from countries that have already supported the DANUBIUS-RI integration process in the ESFRI 2016 roadmap, but not exclusively: partners from France, Austria and the Czech Republic will ensure further progress and development of IRs, with the potential to develop in other parts of Europe during the preparatory phase. This project was approved as part of the European Union`s research and innovation programme (Horizon 2020-INFRA-DEV 2 programme), adopted in June 2016, adopted and launched on 1 December 2016 and finalised on 30 November 2019, as part of grant agreement 7339562. Link: Call for proposals for LIFE Action 2017. Please note that, pending the UK`s withdrawal from the EU, EU legislation remains applicable to the UK and UK in terms of rights and obligations. These include the ability of UK corporations to participate fully and obtain funds under the LIFE programme. However, please note that eligibility criteria must be met for the duration of the grant.

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