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Uc Irvine Transfer Agreement

Learn more about the UCI`s selection criteria for transfer authorization. The UCI considers it part of the overall examination process for transfer candidates: in general, the UCI takes transfer students at the junior level (junior – transfer student with at least 60 units of transferable semesters). The UCI Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program guarantees the admission of highly qualified students from all colleges in the California Community. Admission to most majors to the UCI can be guaranteed by the TAG for transfer students who meet the eligibility requirements and complete the online TAG application. Your transfer entry guarantee only applies to the main part you have indicated on your TAG form. Transfer students from four-year-old university/university institutions are considered for admission on an available basis. However, the University of California prioritizes students who move from California community colleges. In general, the admission requirements are the same for both the community school and other applicants for a four-year transfer, with the exception of the need for four-year students to have a minimum MPA of 2.8. In addition, individual majors may have specific AMP requirements for authorisation, well in excess of 2.80, as well as specific conditions. GPA [Excel.xls]: Download this Excel sheet to calculate your transferable GPA! Do you have more than 30 classes? Use this online GPA machine.

The UCI accepts the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) as an alternative to the UCI General Education Requirement. IGETC lists are available at Community College transfer centres. Students should be aware that the IGETC cannot be recommended for students who move to the UCI in engineering, mathematics or science. Whether they subscribe to the initial training requirement of the UCI or the IGETC, students are encouraged to choose general teaching courses that can also be applied to the admission and subsection requirements. Notes earned in all transferable UC courses are used to calculate the UC transferable MPA. For the desired main part, please consult the transfer conditions by school. The UCI has both race transfer agreements and joint agreements with California community colleges. These agreements identify courses that are transferable by the UC, as well as those that meet specific requirements for individual majors and the general training requirements of the UCI. To determine which courses will be rebroadcast and/or meet the requirements of some majors, visit the ASSIST website at assist.org.

The General Education Requirement (GE), which must be completed before the end of the UCI, can be met by university-level courses corresponding to UCI offers. It can be concluded at any time during the years of the license, with one exception — the lower division of the writing component must be completed within the first three quarters of the stay at the UCI. However, it is to your advantage to meet as much as possible of the GE requirement before the transfer to the UCI. Transfer students have options described in the UCI`s general catalogue to meet UCI requirements. Click on your school below to view the UCI 2018-19 articulation agreements. Please note that these documents are temporary guides. For the most up-to-date information, visit assist.org/ visit assist.org/ to find the full list of the main preparation and sale courses at your college.

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