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Hotel Reservation Agreement

SLH hotels will endeavour to respond to any request for certain types of rooms or beds, and some SLH hotels will confirm such arrangements at the time of booking. Until confirmed, your request cannot be guaranteed and neither SLH nor the SLH Hotel can guarantee that your request will be met. (2) Gambling, intimidating behaviour, behaviour that disturbs others, or behaviour that causes extreme disturbances or disturbances for other guests (3) entering the hotel with roller skates, roller skates or Japanese Geta or Setta sandals. 4. The use of furniture or appliances or their use beyond their normal purpose. (5) distribution of advertising materials, sale of goods and solicitation (6) ordering the delivery of meals from outside the hotel (7) the use of public bathrooms for people, who are drunk or have tattoos (8) Food and beverages from the breakfast restaurant outside the restaurant (food must be eaten at a given breakfast location) (9) Photos that disturb or disturb other guests inside or on the website Some rates require full prepayment and are non-refundable, non-refundable, incessible and incessible. This is identified in the rate description. For these times, your credit card will be charged the full amount after booking. No credit is granted for unused bookings and the amount you paid for such a booking cannot be used for another booking/future. (1) Check the evacuation card displayed at the door of each guest room to ensure your safety in the event of an emergency. (2) Do not allow anyone other than the clients you have indicated are using your accommodation. (3) Note that people under the age of 18 are not allowed to stay alone in Candeo hotels. In addition, refrain from acting on a disability judgment, drug use, alcohol, etc., which in turn endangers or endangers the safety of our other clients.

(4) Please note that even if you stay longer at the hotel, this cannot be considered a legal residence. (5) If you are a member of CLUB CANDEO and you do not comply with the accommodation conditions, both in these and accommodation conditions, your affiliation will be revoked and you will no longer be able to use the services offered by Candeo Hotels. Small Luxury Hotels of the World Limited (SLH”TM) does not own or manage any of the hotels that are currently members of the SLH Hotels brand. SLH offers an online booking option on the SLH website and a telephone option to book SLH hotels (called “booking facility”) as independent providers and acts exclusively as an intermediary between you and SLH hotels. Therefore, your booking and accommodation contract are made directly with the SLH hotel of your choice and your use of the booking facility does not lead to a contract between you and SLH.

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