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Terminalling Agreement Definition

(a) the Agreement on Marine Terminal Services means a written or oral agreement, contract, agreement, agreement or association (including any amendment or other annex) between a marine terminal operator and a common carrier that applies to maritime terminal services made available to and paid for by a common carrier. These services include: checking, docking, recreation, handling, heavy cargo, loading and unloading, terminal storage, use, dock and dock, and including all Navy terminals that may be provided incidentally to such Navy terminal services. The term Marine Terminal Services Agreement does not include an agreement that confers on the participating carrier any right to operate a naval terminal through a lease, license, authorization, assignment, lease of land or other similar agreement for the use of naval terminals or property. When executing goods movements or logical inventory adjustments, the system does not update the logical stock assessment of terminal agreements. 2. Under the law, no antitrust provision is granted in respect of terminal services provided to a common carrier under a maritime terminal services agreement which has not been submitted to the Commission. The mode of exchange of a terminal contract is based on the mode of exchange of a loan/credit grant. An agreement signed between a terminal operator and an oil company that wants to store products in a terminal. 1. They shall not include tariffs, charges, rules and regulations established by a conference agreement for maritime terminals. `maritime terminal conference agreement` means an agreement between two or more operators of maritime terminals and/or common air carriers in the maritime transport sector for the implementation or facilitation of the operation of maritime terminals, which provides for the establishment and enforcement of uniform tariffs, charges, practices and conditions for the supply of passengers or cargo to all Members; and if the customer makes an offer during the Terminalling First Offer Period on terms that are no less advantageous to TLO than the offer of a third party with regard to this terminal service contract, TLO is obliged to conclude with the customer a terminal service contract on the conditions set out in the customer`s offer to TLO. . .


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