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Epic Community Connect Agreement

Make sure the contract has everything you need to achieve your goals and focus on long-term patient care. To reach an agreement between the two parties, the process can take several months. If you take the time to review the plan, you will save unrealized costs later. Here are a handful of high-level questions you should think about when you start political strategy and negotiations with a larger health care system that offers you Community Connect. The answers to these fundamental questions will elicit further reflection. Maybe your organization will expand its presence by acquiring other organizations, or you want to develop your relationships with suppliers or organizations in your community. Whatever your reason for following a Community Connect program, you need a strong strategy to ensure that you understand the prices, schedules and breadth of service-oriented services. Lauren: Sure. The biggest is really a change of mentality for your organization. As a Community Connect-Hub, you are now the service provider or provider. You provide this service and software to another organization. So you really need to think about your SLAs, your service level agreements and be more customer oriented and more focused. It is imperative that the network connection between Hub and Spoke be of the highest quality, with high speeds and redundant connections.

I know more of an opportunity where a nearby construction project cut off a fiber optic connection and a whole block of business lost the Internet connection. Network teams at both Hub and Spoke should work with their Internet connectivity providers to ensure that there is a high-speed redundant connection between all computing centers. Don`t be fooled by these questions. There are many other questions that need to be asked. Most companies focus on helping large health systems implement Epic Community Connect in the smallest community hospital or private medical practice. Optimum Healthcare IT focuses on both! If you are a municipal health care system or a private medical practice, you have a lot to consider before signing on the pea line. More and more municipal health systems and local private physicians are considering partnering with a larger health system to set up Epic Community Connect. What for? Many reasons, most are for continuity and safety of patient care. Sharing patient data provides a complete overview of the care team and provides test results, hospital stays, and specialized primary care at a glance. Being at the end of the reception can cause some fears.

How do you maintain autonomy in integrating your data and possibly your IT collaborators into the “mothership”? Lauren: Sure. Common themes we see, why customers have set up a Community Connect program because they want to expand their presence, they want to develop their relationships with community-providers or organizations in their community. Obviously, the idea of having a common medical record is a great asset for the extension to a community Connect program. First, the implementation procedure that most people end up receiving is a simple bone and a below-average experience. Cooperation, partnership, visibility and commitment/detail are often challenged by community partners.

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