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Gumroad License Agreement

Do you sell software or do you otherwise need to generate individual license keys for buyers? We make things as easy as controlling two boxes. Get ready first as a developer. Then go to a product`s Options page and click on the box to be rated to generate unique license keys for each sale. More information about this can be found in our help centre. “This ECJ can be implemented for software provided over the Internet and/or made available for execution behind a firewall on a local network or PC. With Software as a Service (SAAS), a provider will grant an application to customers as an on-demand service, via a pay-as-you-go subscription or model or increasingly free. The form provides for the installation of additional schedules for the description of the software, the description of the payment terms and the description of the extent of the services provided. This form contains both standard clauses and optional sales terms and options that can fully adapt it to the design party`s requirements. 11.6 When the EU`s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) concerns you in your use of the platform application, Gumroad provides, at your request, a data protection additive (“DPA”) that meets the data processing requirements of Article 28 of the RGPD.

You can request The Gumroad Dpa by email to support@gumroad.com. You agree not to collect personal data via our platform that may be subject to the RGPD before executing the Gumroad Data Protection Authority. Notwithstanding the above, Gumroad may, if Gumroad reasonably assumes that your personal data processing is subject to the RGPD platform, you may request that you execute the dpa as a condition for your use or continued use of the platform, and you authorize gumroad to take justified corrective action until the 10.1 Authorized Uses of Gumroad IPight data authority is carried out. Subject to the following conditions, Gumroad grants you a limited and revocable license for the use of Gumroad`s name in accordance with the following usage guidelines (and other expressly authorized guidelines, as might be the case in the future) in connection with such use: (i) in watermark, description of the Internet search engine, keyword, search term or reference element with Internet search engines or keywords; and (ii) in metatags or hidden text, in all cases exclusively for the purpose of driving traffic to the platform in order to promote your good or physical digital product. Gumroad may revoke existing licenses and/or provide restrictions on their use of gumroad`s name, including the requirement to use gumroad, disclaimers, which Gumroad may make available in connection with your use of Gumroad`s name, at any time and for any reason. These terms and conditions of use (together the “contract”) constitute a legally binding agreement between Gumroad, Inc., a Delaware company (“Gumroad” or “we” or “us”) and you (or “you” or “you”), and regulate your use of the Gumroad.com, the Gumroad platform and all services provided in connection with the Site and the Platform (together). The platform intends to provide e-commerce features that allow the sale and purchase of certain electronic products (“digital” and physical products (the “physical products”) to third-party users of the platform (depending on the vendors or buyers, the “users” taken together).

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