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The Initial Term Of This Agreement

Price category discounts are maintained for the initial period and all conditions for renewal of any agreement that may be granted under this operating program. More confidential information. With respect to any other confidential information, the obligations under this agreement will begin on the effective date and continue for a period of [TERM OF OBLIGATION]. As a general rule, the EULAs are effective until termination and grant the licensee a permanent right to use the Software. Agreements rarely define the respective version of the software. However, it may be preferable to grant a permanent license to a given version, to set the rights for subsequent updates and maintenance packages, and the price of those versions. does not contravene these or other agreements with [PARTY A] and [PARTY A] s option. After the expiry or end of the agreement, [PARTY A] may acquire from [PARTY B] certain or all of the assets [PARTY B] used in the franchise business. “A problem with [the American Industrial Real Estate Association] Standard Form is the beginning.

Parties should look beyond paragraph 1.3, which provides a gap to be filled for the beginning of the lease term. Elsewhere in the tenancy agreement, paragraph 3.3, a delay in possession, provides that if the lessor does not deliver the premises to the tenant at the planned beginning of the lease, no penalty will be imposed unless the landlord delays the delivery of the premises by 60 days. In this case, a tenant only terminated the contract. This section also provides that the lease will automatically end if the premises are not delivered within 120 days of the start of the contract. These two paragraphs can become problems in the event of a dispute over construction delays for the improvement of the premises, especially when the lessor is responsible for the work. The term clause often contains an option for extension. Others, for example. B an end-user license agreement, may simply provide an indeterminate period, with both parties having the right to terminate the contract under defined conditions. Resignation for good reason.

If the submitted entity informs that it knows how to obtain a clause in that agreement from a trading partner, the covered unit offers the counterparty the opportunity to heal or terminate the violation. The covered unit may terminate the agreement if the counterparty does not complete or terminate the violation within the time indicated by the insured entity. The initial concept. This agreement begins at [date of entry into force/ [DATE, MONTHS]] and continues for [TERM MONTHS] months, unless they are terminated earlier (the “initial period”). Enter a term, then click on the entry you want to view. INITIAL TERM is usually the first period covered by an agreement or contract (the duration) at the end of which the contract is either at the end of the contract or automatically renewed under specified conditions (extending period), for example. B a one-year contract. This agreement is automatically renewed at the end of its original term on a monthly basis, unless one of the parties communicates to the other party thirty (30) days of written notification regarding the termination of this contract before the expiry of the current period.

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